Through excellence in cancer research, education, and community engagement, the Partnership between the University of Puerto Rico and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center aims to reduce health disparities derived from infection-driven malignancies in Texas and Puerto Rico, and increase the number of Hispanics pursuing careers in cancer research.


PMB 371 PO Box 70344 San Juan, PR 00936-8344

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The Puerto Rico Cancer Control Community Outreach Project (PRCCCOP) began as a two-year pilot project in 2006, with a goal of engaging community, government, and non-governmental organizations in coordinating tobacco control efforts in Puerto Rico. This pilot exceeded its expectations over its two years existence and was transitioned to a full program that continued efforts in tobacco control, but also expanded our focus to include efforts to increase breast and cervical cancer (B&C) screening and Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccination uptake (2008-2013. Over five years, the PRCCCOP worked with community partners and U54 trainees in identifying areas of cancer control need and building capacity for both community-based participatory research and program implementation. Later from 2014-2019, the PRCCCOP started a 5-year cycle focusing on the importance of screening for colorectal cancer, a program called “Salud por la Vida”. Now PRCCCOP is running “The Outreach Program” strengthening the importance of prevention of infectious malignancies, such as the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) related cancers. “The Outreach Program” overall objective is to increase awareness of HPV-related cancers and increase timely HPV vaccination and cervical cancer screening.

Specific Aims Outreach:

  • Develop outreach activities across PR and TX focused on the prevention of infectious malignancies using evidence-based strategies to increase awareness of HPV-related cancers and increase timely HPV vaccination and cervical cancer screening.
  •  Provide Outreach Core support and training to the IMPACT full and pilot projects, on community outreach and engagement, intervention development, implementation and dissemination, and research translation
  • Identify, develop, and disseminate effective outreach efforts to the lay and professional community nationally in collaboration with the NCI National Outreach Network (NON).
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