Alelí M. Ayala-Marín, MPH

Alelí M. Ayala-Marín, MPH

Alelí M. Ayala-Marín, MPH
Community Health Educator
787-522-9034 ext. 1599

Mrs. Alelí M. Ayala-Marínis the research advisor the overall Community Cancer Control Outreach Program (CCCOP). She assist the co-leaders in the planning and implementation of the following activities within the Outreach Program: 1) build capacity among health care professionals to implement evidence-based cancer control programs and guidelines; 2) conduct direct community outreach and education activities; and 3) disseminate culturally relevant information and educational materials for the general public and health care professionals. Ms. Ayala-Marín is a licensed Dietitian and Nutritionist with a Master in Public Health with a major in Epidemiology from the University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus. Ms. Ayala-Marín has experience in the implementation and evaluation of evidence based practices among governmental and non-profit organizations.Her research interest is related to behavioral research addressing cancer prevention and control.

1. Palacios, C., Pérez C. M., Guzmán, M., Ortiz, A. P., Ayala, A., Suarez, E. (2011). Association between adiposity indices and cardiometabolic risk factors in Puerto Rican adults. Public Health Nutrition, 14(10), 1714-1723.

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