Elba C. Diaz-Toro, DMD, MSD, MPH

Elba C. Diaz-Toro, DMD, MSD, MPH

Elba C. Diaz-Toro, DMD, MSD, MPH
Dental Oncologist
Tobacco Treatment Specialist

Designing and implementing evidence-based behavioral intervention strategies for tobacco cessation both at the individual and community level (Pilot A)

  • System modification or system change outcomes research in cancer prevention and control, with emphasis on factors influencing the adoption of smoking cessation and oral cancer early detection screening interventions among health providers.( Outreach project)
  • Community capacity building for health improvement, organization and development in Hispanic population research: community empowerment for chronic disease prevention, specifically for oral cancer and tobacco control; behavior modification (in oral and pharyngeal cancer risk factors such as smoking and alcohol use); community-based participatory research and collaborative approaches to health promotion research, oral cancer and tobacco control policy; social and behavioral aspects of oral cancer and tobacco control with emphasis in health promotion and behavior change interventions; head and neck cancer and tobacco addiction disease management. (Pilot A /Outreach)

Current research focus:

  • Focused in gain experience in adapting and tailoring tobacco cessation interventions for special populations (Puerto Rican cancer patients), and conducting research to evaluate those treatments.(Pilot A)
  • Focused on factors that affect the efficacy of current recommended available treatment approaches for tobacco use disorders among Puerto Ricans, and how to best influence system change within health care and other environments.(Pilot A)
  • Focused on factors that affect the adoption of smoking cessation interventions among primary care physicians, dentist and other health providers, specifically in the design, testing and evaluation of the effectiveness of different system modification programs to increase the adoption of those cancer prevention and control evidence-based tools to serve vulnerable population. (Outreach)


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