The Planning and Evaluation Core of the U54 UPR/MDA Partnership provide leadership on best practices to utilize evaluation as a means of guiding decision making across an entire project, programs, or cores – from conceptualization through planning and implementation, endorsing that outcomes have been met according to schedule.  PEC staff works in collaboration with the PIs and Administrative Core (AC) staff to ensure performance management as an integral part of the Partnership’s overall management process and that progress is monitored using scientific and systematic evaluation methods.  PEC works closely with each Core/Program’s Co-leaders as a partner in their efforts to develop:

  • SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and trackable) Aims,
  • Define key metrics (performance indicators),
  • Drive research productivity through accountability,
  • Provide continuous quality assessment at regular intervals,
  • Benchmark outcomes,

PEC provides on-going support throughout an integrated approach promoting an evaluation culture in the Partnership to improve performance taking into account evaluation inputs.

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